~ Headache Soother. This headache soothing formula is 100% skin-safe  made with essential oils, fragrance oils, and fractionated coconut oil.
~ Benefits of using Headache Soother include relief from many types of headaches such as tensions, inflammation & nausea. They also can help relieve sinus pressure.
~ How to use: Roll small amount onto forehead, temples, the base of the skull, back of the neck, pressure points, shoulders or under the nose.
~ Headache Soother has a pleasant and cooling effect and is great to keep on hand for quick and soothing relief of any type of headache. The convenient roll-on is great to carry with you while away from home. Keep one in your purse, car, travel bag or at work for those unexpected headaches.
~ Headache Soother works great alone or combined with Headache Soother wax melts for ultimate relief and relaxation.
Comes in a convenient spill proof roll on bottle.
.33 oz


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.33 oz.


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