Spring Sampler 2023


Set of twelve customer-inspired blends. 2.5 oz. each.

SIR CHARLES: Prince Albert Tobacco, Library ( old books, leather chairs, wood floors), and Barbershop 1920’s shaving cream.

STONE WASHED:  Downy Blue fabric softener, White Clouds, and the original white bar Ivory soap.

MEGA PINT:  Cherrie Slushie, Blackberry Bordeaux, and Beach Nights ( toasted marshmallow)  Name inspired by Johnny Depp.

PEACH KISS:  Peach Nectar, Exotic Coconut, and Vanilla Lace (sweet vanilla and musk)

TEA FOR TWO:  Orange Almond Scones, Lemon Curd, and Tea & Cakes.

THE BLACK SEA:  Black Sea ( Vanilla, Amber, Salty Ocean ) and Lost Cherry (Cherry, Plum, Tonka Bean, and Sandalwood)

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING: Greek Island Breeze (citrus watery ozone) and Volcano (tropical fruits, citrus, and green notes)

SANDY BUM BUMS:  Island Fresh Gain, Coconut Milk, and Bum Bum ( salted pistachio caramel)

BLUE WATERS & MELON:   Emerald Agave, Cactus Blossom (green cactus, coconut, floral), and Pink Elephant ( honeydew, kiwi, watermelon, mandarin, apricot, and cherry)

SAINT-MALO:  French Lavender, Coast, and Ivory soaps.

MR. CLEAN:  Barbershop 1920’s  shaving cream, Clean Cotton and Blue Sugar (bergamot, cedar wood, and vanilla)

GARDEN SHOWERS:  April Fresh Downy, Dove soap, and Bonsai (Citrus, lime, cedar wood, and floral)


Set of twelve customer-inspired blends. 2.5 oz. each.