F – J

Febreeze – The original scent. Apple, Plumeria
Lavender, Hawaiian ginger and Hibiscus. Compare to Proctor & Gamble
Base – Orchid, Coumarin and rose.

Fallen Leaves – This warm and inviting fragrance starts with cinnamon, citrus, and chrysanthemum, apple, berries and green leaves. Pecan and cedarwood give this scent and outdoor earthy quality. You can even detect hints of charred leaves. Very unique scent.

Fiddle Leaf Fig: Wild fern and fig leaf blend smoothly with coconut water and white woods.

Fierce – The clean scent of fresh citrus and warm musk make up our version of the Abercrombie & Fitch signature scent.

Fizzy Soda- A lemon-lime effervescent soda. Compare to Sprite

Flakey Pie Crust- A warm aroma of buttery, flaky golden-brown pie crust.

Flannel Sheets-Lemon, mandarin orange, mountain air, cotton blossoms, violet, lily, pink jasmine and sandalwood create this fresh line-dried laundry scent

Fluffy Towels – Warm fluffy towels straight from the dryer. Compare to Yankee

Forever Red – Red pomegranate accented with notes of osmanthus and fluffy sweet marshmallow. A beautiful version of the beloved Bath & Body Works scent!

French Bread-You will love our version of this popular Slatkin Type. Warm bread with golden crusty outsides, and soft chewy insides. Buttery delicious!

French Lavender- A unique scent of Lavender flowers from the French countryside.

Fresh Air-A fresh blend of heliotrope, juniper berry, vetiver, and sandalwood. The scent is similar to clean laundry or fresh cotton. Very nice!

Fresh Cut Grass – The fresh outdoor scent of cut grass.

Fresh Linen Odor Eliminator-This scent uses olfactory technology, to captures and eliminates bad odors leaving behind a clean fresh scent of bright lemon, ozone, green florals, and a hint of musk.

Freshly Zested Lemon – Pucker up for this citrus delight with luscious accords of juicy lemon, a zing of grapefruit and a hint of white musk.

Frosted Cranberry – Cranberries kissed with winter frost and rich, velvet plum.

Frosted Juniper-A fresh and frosty evergreen and fruit blend of Camphor, eucalyptus, Juniper, Pine and Red Currant.

Fruity Pebbles – Sweet and yummy just like the cereal!

Fruit Loops – With lemon, lime, grapefruit and sugared vanilla this smells just like the cereal. Kids love it!

Funnel Cake-A must-have at any fair. Warm fried twisted dough topped with powdered sugar.

Gain – The original Gain scent. A cool and crisp scent of freshly laundered clothes.

Garden Mint – Herbaceous fresh spearmint and romaine lettuce straight from the garden.

Ginger Ale – This fresh, happy scent formerly known as Ginger Fish (Primal Elements type), is sparkly with top notes of lime and lemon, followed by ginger and musk. Ginger Ale smells just like a really citrus ginger ale.

Gingered Bergamot – An exotic fragrance of citrus with bergamot, fresh ginger combined with sandalwood, cedar, Indian patchouli, and sweet basil.

Gingham- Fruity sweet clementine, apple, and melon blended with lily, freesia, and violet with a base of musk, amber, and vanilla. Compare to Bath and Body Works.

Golden Sands- Soft breezes of soothing sandalwood, luminous orange flower and warm tonka beans take you to that special place in the sun. Compare to Yankee

Grape Soda- A fizzy concord grape soda. This childhood favorite adds a splash of fun to everyday life.

Graphite – Bergamot, lemon, basil with notes of sage, coriander, lavender, leather woods, sandalwood, moss and Tonka bean. Compare to Bath and Body Works.

Grapefruit & Mangosteen – A true-to-life blend of ripe, tangy grapefruit and mangosteen- an exotic fruit that is citrusy and sweet with a hint of peach.

Greek Island Breeze-Clean citrus with ozone and watery notes.

Greenhouse – You will first smell the top notes of sweet basil, peppermint leaf, and flower buds. Then notes of thyme, palm leaves, woods, amber, marigold, and violet come through and even hints of fresh potting soil! A very fresh and earthy scent.

Green Tea and Lemon Grass-A green tea brought to life with fresh lemongrass, zest of lime, verbena leaf, and white ginger. This is a very calming clean scent.

Hansel & Gretel’s House – Graham crackers, vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks and juicy raisins.

Happy-A blend of Citrus Rose, Lilac and Musk. Compare to Clinique.

Hawaiian Punch – A juicy blend of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla.

Hay Ride-All of the sensations of a Fall hayride. Hay, Floral, Fern, Wood with notes of Citrus.

Hazelnut Coffee – A cup of rich and heady fresh-brewed hazelnut coffee.

Headache Soother – A blend of crisp peppermint and cooling eucalyptus.

Hedonic Tonic: An energizing potion of Sage and Mint. A fresh clean unisex scent

Heaven – An aroma of ozone combined with the softness of baby powder and hints of sweet pears and peaches.

Heavenly Honeysuckle – Inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Signature Purple Perfume, the sweet floral aroma of this fragrance really stands out. Notes of tuberose, nectarine, and cherry, honeysuckle, jasmine, and rose. The base notes of sandalwood and musk give this fragrance a beautiful finish.

Herbal Essence-A clean scent of red and green apple, lily and rose is our version of the original Herbal Essence shampoo.

Hibiscus and Palm-A lush elegant scent of ylang-ylang, jasmine, palm fronds and bamboo with hints of Geranium, powder, Plumeria and Sandalwood.

Himalayan Bamboo- Bamboo Foliage and green floral meet to create this aromatherapy scent, Bamboo, Bergamot and Violet.

Hipster – Manly and seductive, this screams modern hipsters with perfectly groomed bushy beards, plaid shirts, ripped jeans, strong coffee! Teakwood, coffee beans, musk, cedar and leather with hints of lemon, bergamot, neroli, iris, and vetiver.

Home Sweet Home- Classic delight of cinnamon stick, clove buds and apple. A “Big Red” gum vibe. Compare to Yankee.

Honey Apple Champagne – Sparkling apple champagne with a touch of wild berries and pear. Inspired by Bath & Body Works.

Honey Clementine- Zested orange peel and clementines drizzled in golden honey. Compare to Yankee

Honeyed Pineapple – Familiar yet unique. Fresh pineapple with a drizzle of clover honey.

Honeysuckle & Jasmine – This southern scent is bright and lively with just the right amount of softness and warmth.

Honolulu Sun- Breezy and clean coconut Hawaiian beach. Fresh citrus, pineapple, coconut and smooth vanilla. Compare to Bath and Body Works

Howl at the Moon-Howl- An unusual combination of pears, blueberries, pineapple with juniper, eucalyptus, spruce, cedar, fir and white musk that create this winning scent!

Hydrangea – A sweet aroma with a hint of spice that may remind you of the Azores island’s many hills and valleys. Infused with natural essential oils including orange.

Iced Cranberry-Sweet cranberry, hints of apple and creamy vanilla. Compare to Bath and Body Works.

Iced Lemon Cookies – Iced Lemon Cookie is the perfect combination of sweet and bakery.

Iced Tea – This incredible fragrance smells like you just poured yourself a tall glass of iced tea!

Irish Linen-This fresh scent has notes of fruits, such as apple and peach, with florals such as lilac, peony and lavender with vanilla, herbs, and musk.

Irish Spring-The classic soap scent of citrus zest, jasmine, lily and musk.

Island Escape – This strong sweet fragrance is a unique blend of Tamarind Mandarin, Red Currant, Dates & sweet Coconut Milk.

Island Fresh Gain-Inspired by the beloved laundry scent. Tropical fruit, island flowers with hints of fern and hibiscus.

Ivory soap- A fresh from the shower clean scent we all know and love.

Jack Frost – A cool, crisp blend of mint and vanilla with wisps of pine. Compare to Yankee.

Jade- Lemon, grapefruit, English ivy, jasmine, green apple, neroli, musk, vanilla, and fern moss.

Jamaica Me Crazy- An irresistible blend of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon-ey sweetness.

Jelly Beans- The yummy scent of the original candies. Cherry, Strawberry, Banana, Orange and Green Apple.

Juicy Couture – A fruity floral fragrance with mandarin, watermelon, green apple, marigold and lily. The base of this fragrance is woody including Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla, and a touch of musk. Compare to the original Juicy Couture perfume.

Juicy Fruit-The iconic gum in the bright yellow package made by Wrigley. True to scent and super strong!